Business Applications

Empower employees with custom business applications.

Drive user adoption, boost productivity, and empower employees. We build smarter, AI-enabled tools for the workplace.

Workplace Products

Here are some of the challenges we help business product visionaries solve…

  • Product Adoption

    Create user-centred products that accelerate your product adoption lifecycle and realize ROI sooner.

  • Cloud Distribution

    Adopt a cloud-first strategy with centralized products that are highly available and scalable.

  • Unstructured Data

    Use artificial intelligence to discover insights from untapped data and automate business process.

  • Portfolio-wide UX

    Deliver consistent and meaningful user experiences across your entire digital portfolio that maximize utility and performance.

Employee Tools

...and the experiences we deliver to enable and inspire employees.

  • Customer Engagement

    Empower your employees with the tools they need to engage customers and increase profitability.

  • Process Digitization

    Reduce costs and create efficiencies by digitizing process in ways that seamlessly integrate with your workflows.

  • Enterprise Mobility

    Enable your employees to do their best work—on the go and on any device—with adaptable, secure applications.

  • Employee Empowerment

    Promote collaboration and share company knowledge with smart solutions that connect your workforce.

Interfaces We Create

  • Desktop & Mobile

    Native, hybrid, responsive, or full screen: meet customers and employees where they are.

  • IoT & Wearables

    From online to in-store, strengthen customer connections and grow your business with omnichannel experiences.

  • Conversational UI

    Streamline customer service with automated and natural interactions.

  • Mixed Reality

    Fully-immersive VR & dynamic AR experiences: enhance customer & employee touchpoints with experiential technology.

Our Capabilities

  • Data-driven Design

    • Design research & persona development
    • User testing & analysis
    • UX, content & personalization strategy
    • Interface & user experience design
    • Design for accessibility
  • Technology & Automation

    • Custom JavaScript applications
    • Content and commerce systems
    • Native and hybrid mobile applications
    • Conversational interfaces (bots)
    • Middleware implementation
    • Machine learning model integration
  • Product Strategy

    • Early product validation
    • AI and automation opportunity assessment
    • Prototyping and new product launch strategy
    • Digital customer experience strategy
    • Agile software development
    • Continuous improvement